Monday, January 23, 2012

Lite update...from Melaka

Oks...bersiaran langsung from Melaka. Huhuhu ke mari bukan utk bercuti tapi atas urusan rasmi wedding planner.

Just lite story coz im going nut after heard bad news n hope so today i can finish it as perfect as we can.

Arrived on sabtu by 11am then trs siapkan all everything,sambung majlis nikah then sambung sesi bertukar2 baju. Oks,damn...migrain ku menyerang tanpa rasa kasian.Alhamdulillah try make it as the best untill finish d program. On bed around 2am.

Ahad,wedding just smoothly ..alhamdulillah, weather pon ok sesangat n all is give full corporation but one or two of us kene pi antaq kursus management time.geram nih, semua not on time.grrr why lah so suke delay.

After sanding,outdoor shooting the malam ada acara menjulang pengantin.later on aku update gambo yg 2keping je aku dpt snap.sadis...mlm tadi tidoi agak awal around 1am gitu so this morning just nice weakup earlier around 6am take a bath then solat then bergumpal dlm slimut sambil whatsapp.(time free blh whatsapp).

Damn,dgr sat news pulak dr dia.but donno yet what going on sbb im not as strong that u see me so i need time to read it.tadi dh little cry for the sad news now looking something that make me calmdown. then i update blog lor.

Actually im started fever already...can feel the fever started but try to be strong only for today. Pray, hope so can give perfect wedding as we can. Give me some spirit to finish the last day n the last task.

Wanna to zzz for a while but timing is need to dress up nicely for today event.Ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan utk hari ini. Permudahkan segala urusan kami...lancarkan program kami.Amin!!!

See u later. For my fren Hashim515 (im still deny it). Thanks


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