Monday, February 17, 2014

GA by mymomsbest!

Yeah!! Sapa nak hadiah free?? Sape mau??? Lai...lai...
Kali ni owner blog mymomsbest pula buat GA untuk Feb ni.
Sape nak ...senang je syarat2 GA dia...
Ni je haa syarat utama dia...

Yeah to win the above beads bracelet and lovely necklace, you will need to be Top Commentator Feb. 
You can start commenting past post of this blog too. It's not necessary to comment only in this month post. 

The more post you comment, the better chance of your winning. 

You will need to be GFC Follower or following this blog on networkedblogs on left bar of this blog to join the commenting, be the Top Commentator for this month. 

It ends on 28 Feb 2014, 12 midnight Malaysia time. 

The Top Commentator wins this lovely prize from me. 

These fashion accessories are hand picked by me. 

Ni hadiah yang ditawarkan....

Berbaloikan... jadi pengomen je pon...pastu dapat gift macam ni. I suka.
Jom3 follow n komen entry2 lama dia...sape paling banyak komen...dia yang MENANG!!!!

Thanks for visiting =D 
Ok babai. 

 **Myracles Beauty - 1set RM170.00, Spray MB 1botol RM120.00, 3botol -RM260.00.FREE POSTAGE **TMS procduct is ready stock.

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